Books to read!

04 Jun

My “to be read” shelf is starting to overflow and I’m afraid I only keep adding to it with my impromptu trips to the closest bookstore. However, I have decided that this is the summer of not buying books, well that is after today in which i placed an order on Amazon and stopped by Barnes & Noble (In my defense most of the order was for school books for my summer class)!  Instead I will force myself to read the books that I have accumulated over the past few months as I did buy them because I wanted to read them.

So, here’s what the next two months will look like for me:

Graceling by Kristin Cashore (started today)
The Magicans by Les Grossman
The Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce
by Robin McKinley
Sunshine  by Robin McKinley
The Kings Daughter by Barbara Kyle
Between Two Queens by Kate Emerson
Anne Frank: The book, the life, the afterlife by Francine Rose
Pathfinder  by Orson Scott Card
Storm Born and the Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead
Nefertiti by Michelle Moran
Young Bess by Margaret Irwin
Snoop by Sam Gosling
Touch Magic by Jane Yolen
Contested Will by James Shapiro

That should be more than enough reading material to get me through the next few months! Plus, I figure if I get tired of my selection I can always raid my rommate’s and boyfriend’s shelves! Between the three of us we basically have a small library in our apartment and I’m pretty sure the landlord is afraid the floor may give out if we keep bringing books home.

Oh! I almost forgot, I do have two books on pre-order that I am exempting from my “do not buy” summer. Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars: Choices of One and the 20th aniversary edition of his first Star Wars novel Heir to the Empire. I’ve read Heir to the Empire numerous times since it was first released(and have two signed copies) but being the die-hard Star Wars fan that I am I have to own the new edition. Plus, I need both of the before Dragon Con so I can continue to have him sign books for me!


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