Sunday Roundup: Book Articles from around the Web

05 Jun

This past week here were quite a few interesting articles posted around the web discussing books and reading. Here are a few that stood out and caught my eye:

The Good:
Tamora Pierce on ‘Twilight,’ Girl Heroes, and Fantasy Birth Control” by Alyssa Rosenberg over at The Atlantic (part of their 4 part series on the YA genre).
My favorite part of this article is where she talks about Twilight saying “I don’t know if the books are garbage or not, but what I hear from my fans is they’re simply appalling.”. I couldn’t agree more!

How to Make Young Adult Fiction More Diverse” by Kate Linnea Welsh over at The Atlantic (part of their 4 part series on the YA genre).
This is a fantastic look at how the trend in YA leans towards mostly white and straight characters. The article looks at a few authors who are working to change that and I support them whole-heartedly.

The Bad:
VS Naipaul finds no woman writer his literary match – not even Jane Austenby Amy Fallon over at the Guardian.
VS Naipaul has cemented his place in the history of literature as a arrogant, misogynist idiot. I don’t care if you’ve won a Nobel prize, I have no desire to ever read your work now.

The Ugly:

Darkness Too Visible” by Meghan Cox Gurdon over at the Washington Street Journal.
The article states that”Contemporary fiction for teens is rife with explicit abuse, violence and depravity” and asks why is this a good idea? As a (future) librarian I simply can’t get behind this way of thinking. It’s appalling and degrading to teens.



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