Rating System

I was going to try to be fancy and creative and use a unique system to rate the books I read. And then I realized I’d rather use that creative energy to actually write the reviews and other content. So, I’m sticking with the traditional five star rating system.

Here’s how they break down on my blog:

5 Stars: I LOVED this book. Loved everything about this book: the plot, the characters, the writing. I couldn’t put it down, not even for food or dessert. Everyone should read this book. Seriously.

4 Stars: I enjoyed this book. I may have liked it a lot, but there was something that kept me from being head over heels in love. It didn’t capture my heart quite the same way a 5 star book would. But overall the writing is strong, there’s good plot development and the characters are endearing. I’d absolutely recommend this book.

3 Stars: Eh, this book was simply okay. It didn’t grab me, or hold my interest enough to keep me turning pages, I was able to put it down and go to the gym or watch a few episodes of Law & OrdeR: SVU. I’d be able to point out several specific things in the book that I didn’t like or that didn’t really work for me. Overall, not really my cup of tea.

2 Stars: I didn’t like this book, I did not like it Sam-I-Am! I didn’t like the plot or the characters or the writing style, something (or all things) was off with it. There may be a redeeming quality or two that I could list, but nothing that saved the book as a whole.

1 Star: I absolutely did not like this book, or I flat out didn’t even finish reading (I know! The horror!).  Absolutely nothing clicked for me and I am not able to list a single redeeming quality for this book. It’s most likely found it’s way to the yard sale pile by now. And I will go wipe it from my memory with a re-read of Harry Potter. Or something equally delightful.


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